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Active@ Data Burner

Active@ Data Burner provides more versatility and a wider range of features than most other DVD burner software, such as automated burning, a command line and support for multilingual file names.

DVD burner software is included with Windows by default, but the range of features and support are, to many users, extremely limited.

Other solutions, such as expensive third-party programs often provide limited features for more advanced users as well. Even fewer solutions make it easy to copy files and folders containing internationalized names to optical media.

Such files often end up getting lost during the process because users mistakenly think that they've safely been copied and then delete the originals. These shortcomings present a major problem for many users.

Active@ Data Burner is a new solution that overcomes these problems by providing a wider range of features and support for multilingual file names and much more.

Active@ Data Burner also provides a command line interface for more advanced users. This is a powerful feature which can be used for automating various DVD burning processes. If you're looking for a powerful DVD burner which can take a lot of the work off your hands, then you won't be disappointed by Active@ Data Burner. The GUI (Graphical User Interface) provided with Active@ Data Burner is also user-friendly and no experience or special knowledge is required. It just works, straight out of the box.

Active@ Data Burner is available for the modest sum of $35.95. There is also a free version which allows you to evaluate the product before you buy it. The only limitation it has is a 500 MB data burning limit, but it's more than enough to show you what Active@ Data Burner can do for you. Learn more at

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